Is Multi Drug Resistant-TB Threat to Humanity?

Kenya is one of the 22 high burden TB countries that collectively contribute about 80% of the global numbers of TB. But according to Dr. Enos Masini, the Head of the National Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Programme, efforts in the fight against TB in the last ten years have borne fruits. At least 1.4 million TB patients have been successfully treated. However, despite the great strides in curbing the disease, the Multi Drug Resistant TB presents an even greater threat to humanity. The World Health Organization (WHO) describes it as ‘TB that does not respond to at least Isoniazid and Rifampicin, the two most powerful anti- TB drugs.’

Tuk tuks bridging the gap in the transport industry

Just as with matatus and boda bodas, which have all enjoyed their fair share of glory, there are business minded entrepreneurs that are reaping from the opportunities presented by the ever growing public transport. Issa Juma is one such investor. He says he got into this business because he had identified a gap in the transport sector especially in the short distance routes of Nairobi. He also terms the business as lucrative. “Like with any other business opportunity, I first did an analysis a

How advances in anaesthesia technology are improving healthcare

Medicine has come a long way but perhaps the most significant milestone and gain in this practice that has possibly affected all of us in one way or the other, is conquering pain. While conquering pain through the use of opium and other herbal remedies dates back to early civilizations, the first public demonstration of modern anaesthesia took place on October 16th, 1846. The historic milestone made by William T. G. Morton-a young dentist and John Collins Warren-a surgeon at Massachusetts Gene

Clinical Photography and the responsibilities of the medical practitioner

The sprout of technological innovations in healthcare has helped save numerous lives while improving the quality of life for many others. It is undeniable that technology in the areas of health care has not only touched but changed the experiences for many patients as well as their families. In addition, technology has had immense impact on numerous medical practices and processes. Clinical photography is one such innovation and involves the recording of clinical conditions presented by patient

Air travel tips for people with disability

While booking flights in advance is always best practice to inform the airline of the conditions, the need for prior planning cannot be over emphasized when limited mobility is in the picture. Noel Kitonga, a Kenya Civil Aviation Authority Flight Attendant, advices people to mention special needs at the time of reservation. “Call the airline to ensure that all the disability related needs can be met. Also ensure that you ask for the name and position of the person you contact and record the info

Telemedicine: bridging the gap in health care

The 21st century has proved to be a technology era, an era when humans have embraced the use of technological tools to enrich various aspects of life. Today, modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) including computers, smartphones and the internet have all helped transform how people communicate and interact with each other. According to a report by We Are Social and Hootsuite, the number of internet users now stands at more than 4 billion people as of June 2018, meaning at lea

Air Travel: Essential tips for travelling with babies

Talk of travelling by air and many parents to babies and toddlers cringe. Reason being, this age group tends to be a lot of work and have the potential to drain all your energies! Also, babies of all ages have a tendency to cry for different reasons and the space constraints of an aircraft might not make it any better. However, the thought of travelling with your baby or toddler need not be such a nightmare as there are tips that can make it smoother for both you the parent, your child and yes,